Online workshop ‘Who is lying now? Identify and fight disinformation!’

Δευτέρα, 19 Φεβρουάριος, 2024 | Eκδηλώσεις στην ΕΕNEAΕκδηλώσεις

The EU-funded CERV project ‘Ideas for Europe’ (I4E) announces the next online workshop ‘Who is lying now? Identify and fight disinformation!’ will be held in English and it will take place on March 5 & 6 at 17:30-19:30 CET. Please find the event link HERE.

An online workshop on innovative approaches to media literacy and countering disinformation.

Learn more about disinformation with tools developed by leading experts and used by global institutions such as NATO and the EEAS.

Project Description

Ideas for Europe (I4E) aims to boost political participation by developing solutions for and with citizens living in peri-urban and rural areas. Disenchantment with politics and abstention are a growing concern in democracies, with more and more Europeans blaming democracy itself for their social and economic problems. This issue is particularly acute in peri-urban and rural areas, where the Commission warns that 40% of surveyed citizens feel left behind by society and politicians. This phenomenon is accentuated by the speed and targeted manner in which disinformation spreads. Ideas for Europe (I4E) will combat the feeling of disenfranchisement by promoting European values and inviting the public to contribute their ideas.

Workshop Description

A4E will host online workshops for international media literacy & life-long learning civil society practitioners, media professionals and journalists. The workshop will be a train-the-trainers activity, aiming to provide educators best practice tools for training countering disinformation. The training will take an innovative “cognitive security” approach to media literacy. Using the DISARM (Disinformation Analysis and Risk Management) Framework as a reference point, participants will learn a) the cognitive process by which disinformation affects human behavior b) approaches to disrupting and countering the effects of disinformation c) how to map out and categorize disinformation content, incidents, narratives and messages d) how to use tactics to counter disinformation e) how to communicate about their actions to other disinformation defenders and educators.

2 separate workshops on 2 consecutive days

▪ Convene a community of practice of disinformation defenders, trainers and educators
▪ Train trainers across European civil society in advanced best practice approaches to media literacy


Photo by: Alliance4Europe


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