8 positions in the Institute of Computer Science (ICS), Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH)

praxiCall for expression of interest for up to eight (8) positions of Systems Software Developers and Hardware Designers/Architects at the Scientist/Engineer or Trainee or PostDoc Levels in the Institute of Computer Science (ICS),  Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH)

Projects: ExaNeSt (GA 671553) and ExaNoDe (GA 671578), funded under H2020 FET-HPC.

Desired starting dates: as soon as good candidates are available, one month after each evaluation.

Duration: up to 12 months initially, hoping for good performance that will lead to likely extensions.

Location: Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

Opening date: 11 January 2017.

Closing dates: every month, until 30 June 2017, or until a sufficient number of good candidates are found; applications will be evaluated at the end of each month, with contracts to successful applicants starting at the beginning of a month, one or two months after the respective evaluation closing date.

Reference: Exa-01-jan2017


The candidates will participate in the R&D work of FORTH within the two projects. We seek members for our team at various seniority levels, mostly at the MSc level, preferably experienced, but also at the PostDoc level, or at more junior levels, e.g. BSc level, preferably experienced, or at the level of graduate student research assistants (student fellowships). In case experienced candidates are not found, FORTH can also hire persons who have a strong inclination and interest in the areas sought and who are willing to work hard to be trained and then become productive and stay long enough in our team. Salaries are competitive, and will depend on skills and experience. Ability to work in a team is a must, and ability to take initiatives and to communicate with people is a definite plus.

 Required qualifications:

-University degree in Computer Science and/or Engineering or related fields;

-Courses, projects, and/or experience, in Systems Software and/or Hardware Architecture/Design;

-Willingness and ability to work cooperatively within a team, to learn, and to adapt to the projects;

-Fluent knowledge of English.

 Desired qualifications:

Knowledge of and/or experience in and/or strong interest to learn one or more of the following:

-LINUX kernel programming, LINUX system configuration (including device drivers);

-Concurrency, multi-threaded programming, parallel programming, runtime systems, virtualization;

-Inter-process communication software libraries and/or hardware, e.g. MPI, sockets, RPC, RDMA;

-Computer architecture, Xilinx FPGA hardware/software development (Vivado, SDK), Verilog and/or VHDL, simulation & verification;

-PCB Design, Schematics (Orcad), Layout (Allegro), PCB testing & bring-up;

-Performance analysis and optimization, networked data processing applications. 

Application Submission:

Interested candidates can submit their applications via http://www.ics.forth.gr/jobs/en/ using the link “Apply for the position” under the announcement.

Applications will be evaluated at the end of each month, until a sufficient number of good candidates are found; evaluators may reject some candidacies on the grounds of insufficient qualifications.

 Applications must include:

-Detailed CV, including qualifications and interests in the above areas, and proof thereof;

-Contact information for 2 or 3 references;

-Scanned copies of academic titles.

Promising candidates will be invited for an interview before a decision is made.

 Contact Information:

-If you have any difficulties uploading your application, please send an email to the following address: webmaster@ics.forth.gr

-For information and questions about the advertised positions, the activities of the group, or the Institute, please contact Nikolaos Papadopoulos (nickpap@ics.forth.gr) and Manolis  Marazakis (maraz@ics.forth.gr).

 Selection Announcement

The result of the selection will be announced on the website of ICS-FORTH. Candidates have the right to appeal the selection decision, by addressing their written objection to the ICS secretariat within five (5) days since the results announcement on the web. They also have the right to access (a) the files of the candidates as well as (b) the table of candidates’ scores (ranking of candidates results). All the above information related to the selection procedure will be available at the secretariat of ICS – FORTH  in line with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.



Download the job announcement in pdf:

Job Announcement (pdf)



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