Athens EU model 2016

Jean Monnet Module “Moving the EU forward”

 Athens EU Model 2016

4-7 April 2016, Athens, Greece

Working language: English

Date: 4-7 April 2016

Duration: 4 days

Location:  42-44, Aiolou str. Monastiraki area

Fee: 30 € /person

Participants: 56 advanced undergraduate and graduate students from Greek and foreign universities

The Institute of European Integration and Policy of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration (University of Athens, Greece) is pleased to announce the organization of the «Athens EU Model 2015». It is one of the main activities of the Department’s Jean Monnet module “Moving the EU forward” co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission. It will be held at the Department’s premises, located at 42-44, Aiolou str. Monastiraki area.

The «Athens EU Model» is a four-day simulation of two EU institutions, the European Commission and the Council of the EU. Participants will be assigned the role of EU Commissioners and Council Ministers, promoting their policy positions and negotiating on a contemporary EU policy issue.

The «Athens EU Model» aims at bringing together 56 highly-skilled and motivated young Europeans from diverse cultural, social and educational backgrounds. The primary educational objective of the “Athens EU Model” is awareness-raising among young people on EU’s contemporary issues. Participants will improve their knowledge on specific dimensions of EU policies and politics and acquire first-hand experience of the EU institutions working environment. The «Athens EU model» will enhance participants’ communication, negotiating, leadership and team working skills.

Preparatory lectures

Preparation of participants is crucial for achieving high-level performance and active involvement as well as to meet the simulation’s goals. To this end, participants will have the opportunity to attend 3 preparatory lectures with total duration of 9 hours. The lectures will focus on the institutional processes, negotiating techniques and key aspects of the EU politics related with the “Athens EU model” agenda.

The “Athens EU Model” Guidelines will be distributed electronically to all participants almost three months before the beginning of the EU simulation. It will include reading material and related literature, as well as the rules of simulation.

Athens EU Model Guidelines

Simulation of the European Commission

Simulation of the Council of the EU

Final Programme

The final programme is available here

More information available here.




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